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Cupcakes: We bake our cupcakes from scratch in small batches everyday and throughout the day. That way, we can make sure every cupcake comes out just right. And we use only the finest and freshest ingredients. It's no wonder they've won so many awards.


Famous center-filled cupcakes: We are known for our center-filled cupcakes. There are flavors like Cake Batter, Creme Brûlée, peanut butter Nutella, Cookie Monster, peach cobbler, and many, many more amazing creations. And every season, we add lots of seasonal cupcakes, just to make choosing a little bit tougher.


Create-your-own cupcake: Create-your-own cupcake: At Molly's, you can create your very own cupcake. Pick a cake flavor, choose a frosting, and then dress it up with our tasty toppings. We'll make it right in front of you.


Sprinkle Station: If that isn't enough, visit our Sprinkle Station. There, you can decorate your cupcake with lots of colorful finishing touches.


Menu: To see what we're currently baking and all our seasonal flavors, check out our menu.